The strategies were wonderful, I use the behavior chart that was presented. I spend quality time, use more patience and do not overreact.”

A parent from the Monument Community First 5 Center Class,

This class helped me to be more patient and to be more positive w/my children. I am also better able to set ground rules at home and to be consistent w/the rules and consequences for misbehavior.

A parent from the George Miller – Richmnond Site Class,

The most useful part of this program is that it helped me to give positive praise and state rules in positive terms. I learned to take more time to think and resolve behavior problems and feel more confident in myself.

A parent from the George Miller – Richmond Site Class,

This story from a parent of a 3 year old gave us a chuckle: Success Story 2: Tonight, my wife was getting our son, Nathan, out of his bath when he stated, “I’m hungry.” My wife reminded him of the rule, “No eating after dinner.” Nathan followed, “Who made the rule?” He paused briefly, then asked, “Triple P?” My wife answered, “Yes.” That was the end of the discussion.

Bradley Thomas President and COO, Triple P America, Inc ,