Youth Achievement Workshops

Youth Achievement Workshops and Triple P “Parental Empowerment” Classes

Counseling Options and Parent Education (C.O.P.E.) Family Support Center is offering services for at-risk families in Contra Costa County.  We will specifically, deal with the family’s ‘challenges around delinquency, violence, trauma and teen criminal activity.  We will focus on truancy, bullying, and delinquent behaviors collaborating closely with school liaison staff, parents, community-based organizations, courts, probation, etc.   These services will be offered to parents of at-risk children Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Program Description

  1. Four, twelve-week, two-hour, “Youth Achievement Workshops” for teens 11-18 years old that teach self-regulation and emotional intelligence.

o   Teens will participate in the “Game of Life” event, an interactive game that provides the opportunity to experience how the decision made today will affect future life-style consequences through simulation, practice, and other learning activities.

o   Cultural pride that empowers and promotes positive strength-based community wellness.

Ex.  Finding honor and dignity in the journey of one’s ancestry. Goal to increase self-esteem and motivation to succeed in face of adversity.

o   Self-expression/reflection exercises:  Identifying emotions and learning to express them in positive socially appropriate manner.

o   Self-Awareness:  Analyzing actions and re-actions in challenging situations.

o   Goal Setting and planning for the future

o   Career and life mapping.

o   Motivational presentations that address alcohol and substance abuse, gang violence, bullying and the effects of family trauma/violence.

o   Both parents and teens will have the opportunity to participate in group activities from time to time (ex. Game of Life, Step Up, etc.).

o   Our intention is to teach self-regulation techniques to internalize positive behavior changes that improve outcomes and prevent future dysfunctional behaviors.

(Black Diamond High School, Pittsburg, CA)

YOU can be successful!

  1. Four, twelve-week, two-hour, evidence-based Triple P “Parental Empowerment” workshops partially co-funded through our existing parent education programs.
  2. The parent component includes and evidence-based curriculum that teaches strategies for communication, regulation, attachment, planning for high risk situations and how to navigate challenging teen behaviors through the following;

See Group Teen Triple P for more information on the parenting classes offer with Youth Achievement Workshops or call 925.689.5811