This story from a parent of a 3 year old gave us a chuckle: Success Story 2: Tonight, my wife was getting our son, Nathan, out of his bath when he stated, “I’m hungry.” My wife reminded him of the rule, “No eating after dinner.” Nathan followed, “Who made the rule?” He paused briefly, then asked, “Triple P?” My wife answered, “Yes.” That was the end of the discussion.

Bradley Thomas President and COO, Triple P America, Inc ,

I would describe this program as very good in terms of giving parents the opportunity to improve their skills and learn to be better parents. This is a chance for me to make changes to help me with my sons and create positive change in them and in myself.

A parent from the George Miller–Richmond Site Class,

Parent 1:

What strategies worked well for you?

“Being at close arm length, direct, and using short, specific directions has really helped me and my daughter.”

What has changed for you since you started the class?

“A lot. So much more patience with me, now knowing what to expect and using age appropriate techniques. Before the class, I talked to my daughter, but I noticed after taking the class, I was talking at my daughter. Now I’m more specific and taking time to let my daughter do things herself. I used to tell her to ‘hurry, hurry, hurry,’ but now I take time to let her learn.”

How are you feeling after taking the class?

“A lot better. A lot less stressed, me and her Dad are going through a separation, which has been really stressful. Knowing when to sit down and talk to family and friends when I’m going through problems has helped a lot. Before, I kept everything in, because I didn’t want my family and friends to know I was hurting; I wanted to feel like I could do it all by myself. I didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. But I learned to open up a little, talk more, cry more. It’s ok to cry.”

Final thoughts/suggestions?

“These classes helped so much; there is help out there.”

 Parent 2:

What did you like most about the class?

“I like that parenting is taken seriously; they (Practitioners) wanted to help us. When you have a baby, they don’t give you instructions; I didn’t know anything, didn’t know who to ask.”

What were your favorite strategies?

“Clear information and instructions, what to expect, how not to be frustrated. I liked praising, rewarding and Quiet-Time the best.”

How are you feeling after taking the class?

“Before, it was very stressful. What helped most as knowing my son is not doing bad behavior on purpose, there is a reason for why children behave. I want to bring the strategies to life and use them.”

Would you recommend Triple P to a friend, family member or colleague?

“Yes, go for it! This class will help you learn how not to be frustrated, how to enjoy parenting.”