Primary Care Triple P

Primary Care Triple P


What is Primary Care?

Primary Care Triple P is a brief targeted intervention in a one-to-one format that assists parents to develop parenting plans to manage behavioral issues (e.g., tantrums, fighting, going shopping) and skill development issues (e.g., eating independently, toilet training, staying in bed at night). Practitioners provide 3-4 sessions (15-30 minutes each) over a period of 4-6 weeks. Sessions can be done in person, over the phone, or as a combination of both.

Who is it for?

Parents or caregivers who benefit from Primary Care Triple P are those with a specific concern about their child’s behavior and who prefer one-to-one consultations.

What is covered?

primary care parentsConsultation Session 1:  Assessment of the presenting problem. In this session the practitioner conducts an initial interview, discusses options for intervention, and introduces the parent to keeping track of their child’s behavior.

Consultation Session 2:  Developing a parenting plan. In this session the practitioner provides the parent with feedback of assessment results, helps the parent identify causes of their child’s behavior problem, and to set goals for change.


primary care coachingConsultation Session 3: Review of implementation. In this session the practitioner uses a self-regulatory feedback process to assist the parent to review their implementation of their parenting plan and to set goals for further refinement if needed. Behavioral rehearsal in this session is used when parents want to rehearse specific parenting techniques.

Consultation Session 4: Follow up. A review of the child’s progress and how Triple P is being used is discussed along with any maintenance issues. If it is necessary, referral options are discussed. What resources do parents receive? Each family will receive up to three Triple P Tip Sheets relevant to the targeted problem behavior/s and a Positive Parenting Booklet.

Cost: $240 flat rate.

For more information about Primary Care Triple P, please call

C.O.P.E Family Support Center at (925) 689-5811

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