Positive Parenting Program Seminars

Positive Parenting Programs Seminars


Triple P suggests Simple routines and Small changes that can make a Big difference to your family. It helps you understand the way your family works best.

3 Triple P SEMINARS in English or Spanish
1 ½ hr presentation each on:


seminar_instructorSeminar #1: The Power of Positive Parenting: Focuses on how to create a safe, nurturing family environment to promote healthy parent child relationships.

Seminar #2 & 3: Will vary depending on the needs of the parenting attending all three classes


Examples of seminars:

  • Raising Confident, Competent Children: Discusses the building blocks for teaching children respect , good communication skills and social skills.
  • Raising Resilient Children: Helps parents teach children about how to recognize their feelings and how to express and manage their emotions.
  • Parent Topics: Preparing Your Child for a New Baby, Feeling Depressed After the Birth of Your Baby, Supporting Your Partner, Being a Parent, Balancing Work and Family, Coping with Stress.
  • Elementary School Children: Swearing, Stealing, Self-Esteem, Lying, Fears, Creativity. Attend Deficit, Bed-wetting, and Behavior at School.
  • Teenagers: Rudeness and Disrespect, Sexual Behavior and Dating, Truancy, Smoking, Raising Competent Teenagers.
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For more information about Positive Parenting Program Seminars, please call

C.O.P.E Family Support Center at (925) 689-5811


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