Pathways Triple P

Pathways Triple P


What is the course?        

Pathways Triple P has been developed as an intensive intervention program for parents who have difficulty regulating their emotions and as a result are considered at risk of physically or emotionally harming their children. Pathways Triple P requires parents to have received Level 4 sessions teaching them positive parenting and child management skills. There are three core modules that provide parents with support and to learn new techniques that will assist in improvement and/or maintenance of positive parenting skills.


Families suitable for the course

Parents who benefit from Pathways Triple P are those that persistently have difficulty managing their anger when interacting with their child. They usually have completed a Level 4 program and need further personal support to improve or maintain positive parenting skills.


Outline of parent sessions

Module 1, Session 1: Parent Traps.  Parents learn to identify parent traps, understand the impact of their own behavior on their children, and identify dysfunctional attributions to child behavior.

Module 1, Session 2: Hope to get out of the parent trap. Covers the reasons parents get caught in parent traps and teaches parents thought switching and breaking out of a parent trap.

Module 2, Session 1: Understanding anger. Introduces cognitive behavioral strategies to recognize and understand anger, how to stop anger escalating, abdominal breathing and relaxation techniques, and planning pleasurable activities

Module 2, Session 2: Coping with anger. Parents will learn to catch unhelpful thoughts, develop personal anger coping statements, challenge unhelpful thoughts, and develop coping plans for high-risk situations.

Module 3, Session 1: Maintenance and closure. Final session focuses on how parents can maintain changes, problem solve for the future and create future goals.

For more information about Pathways Triple P, please call

C.O.P.E Family Support Center at (925) 689-5811

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