Counseling and Parent Coaching

Free Services for Parents of Teens at that are in or have been at juvenile hall or Golden Gate, Delta Vista, and Mt. McKinley Schools 

Transitioning Home Training for Parents
Prepare for the Return of your Teenager.  Family-Focused Transition and Reunification.  Establishing a plan for the return of your teen. Individual sessions will include:

  • Assessing Family Strengths and Challengesteen2
  • Preparation and Commitment
  • Developing Behavioral Contracts


Therapeutic Support Services

For school-aged children and teens, and their families, experiencing emotional and/or behavioral difficulties 

  • Family Assessments and Referrals
  • Weekly Session focusing on School Truancy and other difficult behavior
  • Weekly Family Therapy – interpersonal relationships
  • Parent Coaching – structure, consistency, time management
  • Anger Management – aggressiveness, arguing, and defiance
  • Attachment Strategies

Meetings should start as soon as possible before your teen is released.  Please call our office to set up an appointment.teen1

For more information call:  925.689.5811