Bullying Education for School Staff

C.O.P.E. Family Support Center Presents

Training for: All school staff (school administrators,
teachers, assistants, office & yard duty staff)

“Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment in Your Classroom & School”
Understanding and Intervening in Bully Behavior  Module 1 Objectives

  • Understand what bullying behavior is and is not
  • Understand what bullying behavior may look like in the classroom
  • Explore ideas for responding to bullying behavior
  • Become equipped with specific strategies for addressing and reporting bullying behavior when it occurs

Creating a supportive Classroom Climate Module 2 Objectives

  • Consider what a positive classroom climate looks like and how it can prevent bullying.
  • Examine the role of teacher-to-student and student-to-student relationships in building a supportive classroom climate.
  • Explore strategies for preventing bullying in the classroom, including establishing a culture of respect for differences among students.
  • Consider how a web of positive support among students and other adults acrossthe school community can help prevent bullying.
  • Identify and commit to use one new strategy for preventing bullying in their daily work with students

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