Enhanced Triple P

Enhanced Triple P


What is the course?        

Enhanced Triple P is delivered to parents who have been referred by their Level 4 Triple P Provider. Enhanced Triple P consists of four different modules delivered to families in three to ten individualized consultations. The modules address family facts that may impact upon and complicate the task of parenting (e.g. parental mood, partner conflict).


Families suitable for the course

Parents who benefit from Enhanced Triple P are those who present with family issues such as stress, poor coping, partner conflict or mental health issues. They have usually completed a Level 4 program and require extra support to make or maintain changes in parenting. They need to be able to commit to three to ten sessions depending on their indicated needs.


Outline of parent sessions

Session 1: Review Session. Practitioner will conduct a progress review and intake interview, provide feedback of the results to the parent and negotiate a treatment plan.

Module 1: Practice Sessions (up to three 40-60 minute sessions). These sessions are preferable conducted in the family’s home or a community setting. Provides parents with opportunities to practice and receive personalized feedback on how they apply skills introduced in Level 4 Triple P

Module 2: Coping Skills (up to three 60-90 minute sessions). Parents learn a range of cognitive and behavioral strategies to manage mood and to cope with everyday stress. They learn how emotions work, relaxation techniques, how to monitor thoughts, challenge unhelpful or irrational thoughts, and develop coping plans.

Module 3: Partner Support (up to three 60-90 minute sessions). Parents will learn a variety of positive communication, problem solving and conflict resolution skills to enhance their teamwork as parenting partners.

Module 4: Maintenance and closure. Parents practice all skills in their session with minimal support and are introduced to ideas to maintain changes. Review progress and set goals for the future.


For more information about Enhanced Triple P, please call

C.O.P.E Family Support Center at (925) 689-5811


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