“Triple P made me more aware of how I parent my children. It has given me more tools of how to handle stressful situations with my children.”



“I really appreciate the strategies shared with us about why children behave as they do. I feel it was beneficial to use the preventative strategies to help create a positive environment and relationship with my children. Thanks for the class!”



“The program helped me to become a better parent to my precious daughter. The idea of changing the way I communicate with her helps a lot. Although I know in the future, I will face more challenges with her, I know the Pyramid of Strategies will continue to remind me of the program.”



“What was most helpful about this program was getting to know my child and myself, and learning new ways to be a better Dad. Now I have better skills to work with my child. Thank you for changing my life as a person.”



“Triple P helped to serve as a weekly reminder on remaining calm and not letting my child see when he is pushing my buttons. Triple P also helped me be more positive.”


Parents of Delta First 5,